International Relations as Depicted by Cats

Condolences to the washington intern about to get hella fired for the CIA station chief in Afghanistan snafu

gelly-matos asked: Have you guys heard of the Turkish government blaming election outages on a cat? And the subsequent twitter and meme storm that has erupted?

I’m afraid I can’t comment other than to deny all responsibility and/or foreknowledge. 

most salient military concern for NATO right now: is it warmer in Crimea than it is in Russia?

Anonymous asked: You're an undergrad? Quite a few Masters students in the DC area have been speculating. Luckily, we recognize our betters. Cheers!

Hi! I am an undergrad. Definitely not your better. I just put words on things, those things happening to be pictures of cats, those words sometimes maybe barely related to, say, IR vocab terms I learn in a class, or something the Economist snarks about that happens to grab my attention. Cheers to you :3